The Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH) has an intrinsic core value base that is applied to both our work and working relationships.

The Institute values are as follows:

Excellence which means:

  • doing the best we can;
  • developing standards and monitoring our performance against these;
  • seeking and accepting help from others and giving help to others both within the Institute and externally;
  • taking on only as much work as we can carry out to the standards we have set ourselves;
  • keeping up-to-date;
  • developing individual development plans and working towards achieving them;
  • building on our strengths individually and as an organisation.

Respect which means:

  • making space and time to listen to each other;
  • taking care of and looking out for each other;
  • being courteous, always;
  • recognising the impact of what we do and say on each other;
  • recognising and valuing diversity among individuals and cultures;
  • respecting the environment;
  • embracing and appreciating differences.

Maximum appropriate involvement which means:

  • having clearly identified roles and relationships;
  • providing opportunities for all to be involved in planning, implementing and reviewing the work of the Institute without letting this cause undue delays;
  • good planning;
  • working as a team.

Trust which means:

  • creating an environment that supports open and honest communication;
  • allowing risks to be taken and providing a safe environment for lessons to be learnt;
  • everyone taking responsibility for their actions;
  • being reliable;
  • delegating;
  • assuming the best.

Principled action which means:

  • speaking up for what we believe in, internally and externally;
  • creating impact and effecting social change;
  • checking with colleagues before taking actions which may have significant implications for the Institute;
  • being committed to seeing things through, even when the going gets tough.