IPH response to UK Statistics Authority Assessment of Reported Road Casualties Statistics

The UK Statistics Authority are currently re-assessing Reported Road Casualties Statistics produced by the Department for Transport for England, Scotland and Wales.

Key points from IPH response

  • IPH supports the development, maintenance and use of appropriate data to inform public health policy and practice and to promote road safety at national, regional and local levels.
  • DfT’s road casualties statistics are useful, comprehensive in scope, well-documented and updated in a timely manner.
  • One area of concern about the statistics is the under-reporting of non-fatal casualties to police and the perceived completeness of the statistics by users of the statistics. While DfT assesses and estimates the level of under-reporting, it could be made more prominent in DfT’s technical documentation.
  • As an organisation that covers both the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, IPH recommends that statistics for Northern Ireland be made directly comparable with, and reported alongside, statistics for Great Britain.
  • Tackling inequalities in injury fatalities is a key component of public health policy and practice. It is important that we have good evidence to quantify these inequalities. Therefore it would be very useful to examine casualties by measures of social class / deprivation.

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