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1 May 2007

A systematic approach to forecasting population prevalence on the island of Ireland in 2010 and 2015.

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1 Mar 2007

In this briefing paper, poverty is seen in a broad context encompassing aspects of social inclusion, equality, compliance with human rights and quality of life. Poverty, therefore, is not just about income but about education, well-being, employment, good housing and a safe and healthy environment.

Compiled by Paul McGill for the Institute of Public Health in Ireland.

1 Jan 2007

The Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH) was commissioned by the Department of Health, Social Services and Public Safety (DHSSPS) to evaluate Healthy Living Centres (HLCs) in Northern Ireland, to assist them in assessing the value of the work done by the HLCs and to make decisions about the support which might be offered to them in future in the light of competing priorities. The evaluation was carried out during 2006 by Siobhan Livingstone, Jorun Rugkåsa and Leslie Boydell.

8 Nov 2006

Leaflet detailing research by the Institute funded by the Research and Development Office for Health and Personal Social Services in Northern Ireland.  The aim of the research was to identify the impact of multisectoral partnerships, how they can be measured, and what contribution they make to tackling inequalities in health.

8 Oct 2006


A child born in Japan has a chance of living 43 years longer than a child born in Sierra Leone.

8 Jul 2006

This review is the third in the series and illustrates how the built environment impacts on health. It also highlights the unequal distribution of these impacts on different sections of the population.  We hope it will help inform debate about the links between the built environment and health and be a useful resource for those working to influence public policy for health at a local and national level across the island. The review has an extensive reference list.

3 Jul 2006

Results from an exploratory ethnographic study undertaken in the ‘Decent Food for All (DFfA)’ study areas.

3 Jul 2006

Results from a Food Basket Study undertaken in the ‘Decent Food for All’ (DFfA) Programme areas.