IPH Publications

8 Jul 2016

A knowledge Exchange Forum was hosted by the North South Alcohol Policy Advisory Group (NSAPAG) on 30 November 2015 to explore how changes in the alcohol retail environment are impacting on consumption and harms. Proceedings of this Forum are now available for download.

Download a copy of the Proceedings

20 Jun 2016

The Institute of Public Health in Ireland partnered with the Centre for Effective Services to produce a volume linking research and practice relating to the early years. The early years have been increasingly recognised in research and policy as a pivotal time in the life course, providing the foundations for numerous health-related outcomes. The lifelong effects of the early years’ experience includes impacts across many aspects of health and wellbeing; including inter alia obesity, heart disease, mental health, educational achievement and economic status. This publication brings together academic authors to consider the rationale and evidence regarding early interventions, as well as practitioners providing on-the-ground examples of what can be achieved.

14 Jun 2016

Reducing second-hand smoke (SHS) exposure has become a central component of tobacco control policies across the island of Ireland. The expansion of smoke-free spaces directly reduces exposure of children and adults and further denormalises tobacco use in a variety of social contexts. Challenges still remain in terms of persistent inequalities and significant exposure to SHS in the home, particularly in the context of children. This snapshot report presents a brief overview of progress on the development of smoke-free spaces on the island of Ireland.

8 Mar 2016

Loneliness can have a significant impact on the physical and mental health of older people and is of increasing concern for public health says a new report from the Institute of Public Health in Ireland (IPH).  The research suggests that approximately 10% of older people are affected by chronic or persistent loneliness. It also finds that loneliness amongst older people may be linked to depression, increased nursing home admission, decreased quality of life and cognitive decline.

3 Mar 2016
On 27 January 2016 ROI Minister for Health Leo Varadkar launched Ireland’s first National Maternity Strategy – Creating a Better Future Together – which is a roadmap for the improvement of services over the next ten years.
  • Strategy aims to improve safety & quality in general and standardise care across all units
  • Recommends a Health & Wellbeing approach to give babies the best start and improve women’s health
  • Ensure that a woman’s choice is facilitated to the greatest extent possible
18 Feb 2016
Public health services in Ireland, North and South, are committed to addressing inequalities in health on the island of Ireland.
1 Feb 2016

On January 27 2016 ROI Minister for Health Leo Varadkar launched Ireland’s first National Maternity Strategy – Creating a Better Future Together – which is a roadmap for the improvement of services over the next ten years.

13 Jan 2016

This IPH report (July 2015) developed for the ROI Department of Health presents a summary of the feedback of key stakeholders based on a consultation document presenting options for action to address Ireland’s overweight and obesity epidemic. There was a very significant level of engagement by a wide range of stakeholders which has resulted in a useful set of considerations for policy development. The findings from this consultation strand along with those from the other two strands of consultation will be studied to inform and enrich the forthcoming Obesity Policy and Action Plan.

9 Dec 2015

This report estimates that 16% (11,200) of 3 year-olds in the Republic of Ireland have had an accident or injury requiring hospital treatment or admission. The report shows the prevalence of injuries and accidents as well as highlighting risk factors such as gender and whether a primary carer has a longstanding health condition.

Prevalence of injuries and accidents were found to be: