Other news

12 Aug 2014 | News

Applications are now open for the 2014 course which will take place in Dublin 3-5 November.

7 Aug 2014 | News

The UK Government have yet decide on introducing standardised packaging. IPH in our most recent response to the UK 2014 consultation (7 August 2014) continue to recommend and support the introduction of standardised packaging and are pleased that the Northern Ireland Assembly gave legislative consent to be included in the UK Children and Families Bill Amendments in February 2014.

4 Aug 2014 | News

Breastfeeding is an important factor to giving a child the best start in life and is central to fostering optimal health and development in the early years and helps contribute to reducing health inequalities. World Breastfeeding Week provides an opportunity to promote the benefits of breastfeeding and the need for further support of mothers to increase rates across the world and the island of Ireland.

21 Jul 2014 | News

In 2012 the Department for Social Development (DSD) consulted on a wide range of proposed changes to the law regulating the sale and supply of alcohol in Northern Ireland. The DSD Minister has now decided which proposals he will implement.

21 Jul 2014 | News

The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) highlights the consequences of high rates of obesity for health and health service demand in the over 50s in Ireland.

8 Jul 2014 | News

IPH join colleagues from England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland at the Cancer Research UK ‘Endgame Summit’. Cancer Research UK gathered together key stakeholders across government, academic research and the Smokefree Action Coalition to discuss what it will take to achieve a ‘tobacco free UK’. IPH Director of Policy Dr Helen McAvoy presented on applying tobacco free targets in Ireland.

4 Jul 2014 | News

The North South Alcohol Policy Advisory Group has developed a report entitled “Reducing alcohol-related harm by addressing alcohol availability – maximising benefits from North South cooperation”.

3 Jul 2014 | News

This report presents findings from the National Consultation on Rare Disease overseen by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland on behalf of the Department of Health to inform the development of Ireland’s first National Rare Disease Plan.

25 Jun 2014 | News

12 Jun 2014 | News

Cycling is an ideal mode of transport for short and commuter journeys, however, in Northern Ireland less than 1% of journeys under one mile are cycled. Northern Ireland Environment Link (NIEL) and IPH jointly presented evidence to the Regional Development Committee ‘Inquiry into the benefits of cycling to the economy’ on 28 May.