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28 Oct 2016 | News

Dr Helen McAvoy, IPH Director of Policy and Dr Joanna Purdy, Public Health Development Officer presented evidence to the NI Assembly Communities Committee on the Licensing and Registration of Clubs (Amendment) Bill on 27 October. Watch the evidence session

25 Oct 2016 | News

NI Health Minister Michelle O’Neill today launched her new vision for health and social care in Northern Ireland entitled, ‘Health and Wellbeing 2026: Delivering Together’ after considering the Expert Panel report (led by Professor Rafael Bengoa), ‘Systems, Not Structures: Changing Health and Social Care’ which clearly sets out the need for change. Highlighting the need for change the Minister said: '"If we continue as we are now, the system in 10 years would need 90% of the entire Executive budget."

19 Oct 2016 | News

Healthy Ireland Survey was launched on October 19th ​, follow this link to access Summary Findings

11 Aug 2016 | News

In this blog, Dr Noelle Cotter and Dr Helen McAvoy explore the evidence on taxation of sugar sweetened drinks policy in the context of the obesity epidemic on the island of Ireland.

29 Jun 2016 | News

A knowledge Exchange Forum was hosted by the North South Alcohol Policy Advisory Group (NSAPAG) on 30 November 2015 to explore how changes in the alcohol retail environment are impacting on consumption and harms. Proceedings of this Forum are now available for download.

20 Jun 2016 | News

10 May 2016 | News

FSAI releases report on policy options for reducing neural tube defects in the Republic of Ireland

10 May 2016 | News

EU Court of Justice reinforces validity of the Tobacco Products Directive measures including standardised packaging and prohibition of menthol cigarettes.

10 May 2016 | News

safefood research indicates over 40% of parents routinely give their children treats like crisps, chocolates and sweets at least once a day or more.

29 Apr 2016 | News

The Department of Health today (29 April 2016) published a report entitled - An assessment of the economic cost of smoking in Ireland. The study was carried out for the Department of Health by ICF International. The purpose of this study is to contribute to the evidence base of tobacco consumption and its effects in Ireland, to help support the implementation of the recommendations made in The Tobacco Free Ireland report (2013).