A right to food? Beyond foodbanks – 11 January 2016

11 Jan 2016

Venue The Duncairn Centre for Culture and Arts, Duncairn Avenue, Belfast, BT14 6BP

A growing list of organisations including Church Action on Poverty, Oxfam, Sustainable Food Cities Network, Trussell Trust, Feeding Britain Inquiry and Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty have called for stronger more coordinated national and local government action to reduce food poverty. This is one of a series of events being organised across the UK to explore the potential for bringing together a broad range of groups across the country to build a more powerful national campaign to end food poverty and hunger in the UK in 2016.  The event is being organised by the Belfast Food Network, Food Poverty Working Group as part of their on-going programme of events to raise awareness of food poverty in Northern Ireland.  The Belfast event is sponsored by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland,


Councillor Julie-Anne Corr Johnston, Chair People and Communities Committee, Belfast City Council


Enough is enough – Belfast’s response to food poverty
Elizabeth Mitchell, Institute of Public Health   (Click here to access slides) 


Introduction to purpose of event and the Right to Food
Niall Cooper, Director, Church Action on Poverty (Click here to access slides) 


The Fabian Commission on Food and Poverty’s findings: 
Geoff Tansey, Chair of the Commission (Click here to access slides)  
(due to technical issues a few minutes of audio from the talk by Geoff Tansey are missng from the stream below)


A Right to Food/Beyond Foodbanks campaign or Food Justice Movement?    


Right to Food 11 January 2016

Further resources relating to the right to food and food poverty can be accessed at: http://www.foodsystemsacademy.org.uk/