IPH action in health inequalities - health intelligence

Health intelligence: supporting evidence based policy and practice.

Government strategies in both Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland have identified the need to have a strong health intelligence base to inform the identification of need, develop affective interventions and monitor progress towards improved populatation health and the reduction of health inequalities.

IPH in collabroation with the UKCRC Centre of Excellence for Public Health (NI), led by Queen's University Belfast (QUB) and the Health Research Board (HRB), Centre for Health and Diet Research led by University College Cork (UCC) has developed a unique all-island health information website. The Health Well promotes health and wellbeing by supporting evidence-informed decision-making. HealthWell covers population health as well as health and social care and has an initial focus on chronic conditions. It includes specific hubs on obesity and fuel poverty. The Health Well website contains updated versions of the all-island health data catalogue with details of nearly 400 health related data sources and incorporating a more limited catalogue published by HIQA.

IPH portfolio

Health inequalities form a cross cutting theme in IPH 's health intelligence work. This helps inform approaches to addressing inequalities The Population Health Observatory (INIsPHO) works to promote the development and application of health information including resources relevant to health inequalities. Health Intelligence: supporting evidence based policy and practice is a key action area within the IPH Corporate Plan 2010-2013.

Health intelligence and health inequalities: IPH portfolio