Crossing Bridges

‘Crossing Bridges’ is an 18 month project, complementing the ‘Joint Action on Health Inequalities’ (2011-2014) and building on 'Closing the Gap' (2004-2007) and 'DETERMINE' (2007-2010) projects, and aims to advance the implementation of Health in all Policies (HiAP) approaches in EU Member States. It will contribute to the development of practical tools that are required to turn HiAP theory into practice, and to make progress on the implementation of HiAP in Europe.

It will do this by carrying out two different strands of work that build on one another. Firstly it will investigate specific examples of inter-sectoral collaboration to determine what methodologies can be drawn out and developed. Two focus areas (Education and Transport/Planning) have been identified for more in depth analysis, in order to distil learning and develop further methodologies. The Delphi method will be used to validate the methodologies.

Secondly, the project will develop the capacities of national and regional Institutes for Public Health to implement HiAP. An assessment to analyse needs and existing practice will be undertaken, and an interactive training workshop developed for partners and national trainers on the basis of the outcomes of the assessments and incorporating the methodologies developed. Partners and national trainers will, in turn, implement capacity building training in their own countries.

The project is being coordinated by EuroHealthNet and the Republic of Ireland, represented by the Institute of Public Health in Ireland, is a work package leader on the ‘Education and Health’ strand in cooperation with North West Health (UK) Brussels office.

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