IPH action on health inequalities

IPH is committed to tackling health inequalities on the island. This is on overarching theme in all our work in the categories of information, policy and practice.


IPH helps develop better information on the nature of health inequalities on the island. We also support the evaluation of initiatives that tackle inequalities to help extract information on what works. We then support the translation of this knowledge into policy and practice.

The Health Well is a unique all-island health information website that promotes health and well-being by supporting evidence informed decision making. The Health Well and Ireland and Northern Ireland Population Health Observatory are engaged in several projects with a health inequality dimension.


The social, economic and environmental conditions in which we live strongly influence health and are driven by national and local policies. IPH supports the development of policies to reduce health inequalities through

In Ireland, IPH supports the implementation of a range of policies aimed at tackling health inequalities linked to Quality and Fairness: A Health System for You and the National Action Plan for Social Inclusion 2007-2016. In Northern Ireland, we support the implementation of Investing for Health and Lifetime Opportunities – the government’s anti-poverty and social inclusion strategy. At European level, we were the Irish partner in the DETERMINE project which coordinated and strengthened efforts to tackle health inequalities across Europe.

IPH has an ongoing programme of work supporting the use of Health Impact Assessment and promoting health equity within policy-making processes.


Implementing policies geared towards the fair distribution of health and well-being depends on effective local delivery systems. Effective cross-departmental and inter-disciplinary partnerships are key to addressing the social determinants of health inequalities.  

We ran a leadership programme that trained and developed a network of leaders who are now working collaboratively to tackle health inequalities. We produced a number of partnership evaluation tools to support this vital work.

IPH supports the use of health impact assessment in policy development on the island and is a provider of HIA training

We work with the Health Service Executive (HSE)  and the Public Health Agency in Northern Ireland to support efforts to tackle health inequalities within health services.

IPH action areas in health inequalities