IPH was a partner in this EU funded project building on its previous involvement in the Closing the Gap project in 2004-2006. Building on the work of the World Health Organization Commission on Social Determinants, DETERMINE’s mission was to generate greater understanding and to enhance the approaches of policy makers and practitioners. Further information on the project is available at


DETERMINE was a three-year project (2007-2010) coordinated by EuroHealthNet which brought together a high-level consortium, representing 26 European countries, to apply evidence based approaches across policy sectors in the EU and its member states. The consortium analysed relevant and important knowledge on socio-economic determinants of health inequalities, introduced innovative pilot projects, and delivered awareness and capacity-building programmes.

Work on the project began in June 2007. IPH represented Ireland and Northern Ireland and led Work Package 5 which explored the experiences of applying action on the social determinants of health inequalities. DETERMINE partners explored policies and actions that had taken place to address social determinants of health inequalities both within countries and at EU level. This exploration is documented in Working Document No. 1 Examples of activity in Europe.

In Year 2, the focus turned to exploring economic arguments to support action on social determinants of health inequalities. Findings are presented in Working document No. 4 Economic arguments for addressing social determinants of health inequalities.

A final conference was held in Brussels in March 2010 and the final project publication publication: The story of DETERMINE - Mobilising Action for Health Equity in the EU was published in April 2010.