HIA publications

Proposed sugar sweetened drinks tax: Health Impact Assessment
IPH was asked by the Department of Health (RoI) to undertake this report on the Health Impact Assessment (HIA) of a proposed tax on sugar sweetened drinks (SSDs) in 2012.

Improving Health in the United States: The Role of Health Impact Assessment
Committee on Health Impact Assessment, National Research Council, 2011
This report discusses the need for health-informed decision-making and policies andreviews the current practice of HIA.

Health Equity Impact Assessment Pilot Study
IMPACT, University of Liverpool, 2010
Pilot study to define and test the key concepts underpinning Health Equity Impact Assessment (HEIA). 

Updated guidance on HIA of government policy
Department of Health, England, July 2010
This guidance includes a tool for carrying out HIA, a guide to sources of evidence and guidance on quantification of health impacts of policy.  Access the guidance document here.  Access further information on the Department of Health HIA work here.

UKPHA - HIA Position Paper
UK Public Health Association (UKPHA), February 2010
UKPHA recently published a position paper on HIA and recommends the routine use of HIA at a strategic level and operational level.  It calls for stronger guidance and leadership at national and local levels and the integration of HIA into others forms of impact assessment.  Access the position paper here.

Review of Health Impact Assessment
Institute of Public Health in Ireland, December 2009
IPH commissioned a review of HIA work in 2009 to detail progress and achievements of HIA from 2001.  This included an assessment of current levels of HIA awareness and activity and suggestions for the direction of future work.  Access the full report and executive summary here.

Completed HIAs in Ireland
Find a comprehensive list of all HIAs undertaken in Ireland and Northern Ireland here.

Improving the use of evidence in health impact assessment
Bulletin of the WHO, December 2009
This evidence review guide paper describes the formulation, development and testing of a simple guide to reviewing evidence for use in HIA.

Health Impact Assessment Guidance
Institute of Public Health in Ireland, October 2009
This guidance manual explains what Health Impact Assessment (HIA) is and the stages involved in conducting it.

Delivering Healthy Communities
Published by the Royal Town Planning Institute (RTPI), June 2009
This document highlights the crucial role planning has to play in developing sustainable and healthy communities.  It explains the determinants of health and health inequalities and advocates for HIA.

A review package for Health Impact Assessment of development projects
Ben Cave Associates, 2009
This review package is intended to enable a commissioner or reviewer of an HIA report to reach an opinion as to the quality of the completed report in a simple, quick and systematic manner.  The authors focussed on developing a review package for HIA reports which are submitted as evidence associated with an application for development consent. The users of this review package are identified as being commissioners of HIA both in the public and private sector and those who may be asked to review HIA reports.

Health Impact Assessment contributing to Healthy Public Policy
Public Health, April 2009
IPH recently coordinated and was guest editor for a minisymposium on Health Impact Assessment for the journal, Public Health.  Three aricles contributed to the minisymposium which included an article from IPH on how HIA can contribute to healthy public policy.  An article reviewing the right to the highest attainable standard of health from Paul Hunt and Gillian MacNaughton and a review of the strengths and weakneses of quantitiative methods used in HIA from Emer O'Connell and Fintan Hurley.  The minisymposium evolved from the 8th International HIA conference ‘Healthy Public Policy – is Health Impact Assessment the Cornerstone’ hosted by IPH.

Health Impact Review - Sources of information reports
To support each of the IPH series of Health Impact Reviews, a sources of information report is now avalable for each of the four reports.  These provide links to organisations who have conducted a wealth of information related to health and either employment, transport, education or the built environment.

Reference links for HIA
HIA Gateway has developed a HIA book and bibliography which provides a list of chapters from books and journal articles related to HIA.

Designing of street lighting in Wales
Published by Welsh HIA Support Unit, February 2009
WHIASU has published a short summary paper with regard to the design of street lighting in Wales.

Health Impacts of Education: A review
Institute of Public Health in Ireland, November 2008
This report presents an overview of the links between education and health.

Health Impact Assessment of greenspace: A Guide
Greenspace Scotland, June 2008
This guide provides a critical review of international research evidence on greenspace and health, and outlines how to use this evidence to carry out a Health Impact Assessment.

Health Impact Assessment of Transport Initiatives: A Guide
The Scottish HIA Network, October 2007
The guide aims to assist those involved in assessing the potential health impacts of transport initiatives by providing accessible and reliable information.

The Effectiveness of Health Impact Assessment: Scope and limitations of supporting decision-making in Europe
European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies.
Edited by Matthias Wismar, Julia Blau, Kelly Ernst and Josep Figueras, 2007

  • A Declaration on ‘Health in All Policies’ was made at the Ministerial Conference held in Rome December 2007 which explicitly referenced the book ‘Effectiveness of HIA’.   The Declaration was signed by the Minister of Health of Italy, Livia Turco, Commissioner Markos Kyprianou, and WHO Regional Director for Europe Dr Marc Danzon. Member States approved the declaration by acclamation. A copy of the Declaration can be accessed here .

The politics of healthy policies: redesigning Health Impact Assessment to integrate health in public policy
Marleen Bekker, September, 2007

Cost benefit analysis of Health Impact Assessment
York Health Economics Consortium for the Department of Health, November 2006
The report sets out the findings of the cost benefit evaluation of Health Impact Assessment (HIA).

WHO Bulletin -  Volume 85, Number 3, March 2007, 161-244
This includes the following 2 articles:
Bridging health and foreign policy: the role of health impact assessments - Kelley Lee et al.
Health impact assessment, human rights and global public policy: a critical appraisal - Alex Scott-Samuel & Eileen O'Keefe

Health in all policies: prospects and potentials
Ministry of Social Affairs and Health, Finland and European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies, 2006
Part 4 considers Health Impact Assessment.

Health Impact Assessment Quarterly
International Association for Health Impact Assessment, March 2008